Release Notes v0.30.0 (Expected release November 28, 2023) 🚀

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  • on 23-11-2023

Min. Required lavap v0.27.1

this is a major release with substantial changes, please read carefully

How does it affect me?


  • your funds from staking are now self delegated, you can query them just like a validator delegation
  • your on chain transactions now include validator dual staking, we have made work to make it compatible but take the time to go over the commands and the new optional argument: validator
  • you can now share in validator block rewards
  • it is advisable to set commission and delegation limit the defaults allows delegators participate in your rewards
  • the unstake command now requires a validator to choose, if you're unsure where your funds are staked you can query them using pairing account-info


  • remember to update your dual staking delegations, pick providers and validators (both) you trust and want to get rewards from
  • defaults do not maximize rewards
  • delegating to providers


  • regular txs you are used to still work, they are not maximizing rewards from dualstaking
  • you can use your current stake to delegate to providers, recommended to do so
  • Docs WIP, currently check the commands --help or ask us anytime on discord

lavad tx dualstaking --help

lavad tx pairing stake-provider --help

lavad q pairing account-info

What's in this version:

  • Dual Staking - all network participants delegate to both providers and validators with the same token participating in rewards
  • Provider self delegation - provider stake is now a delegation to self and can benefit from dual staking, partially unbond and more
  • account-info now queries delegations
  • exposed tracker polling config - fine tune for improved sync at the expense of query count
  • transaction consistency - consumers will enjoy improved mempool propagation
  • selection optimizer improvements - fine tune benchmarks
  • timeouts handling - allow fine tuning timeout detached from CU for queries
  • subscription auto renewal - consumers can use this feature to avoid renewing their subscription when it expires
  • additional queries for rewards - for those providers who noticed their balances are updated only on subscription end, you can query what is the expected gain
  • constant availability (stay tuned)
  • networking improvements - better pooling of connections
  • spec contributor (stay tuned)
  • bug fixes - thanks for flagging

We appreciate your continued support and feedback as we strive to improve the functionality and reliability of our services.

Release Notes - v0.27.0 🚀

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  • on 10-11-2023

Min. required lavap v0.26.1 


  • Improved CU Tracking and Rewards Payment: In our pursuit of mainnet readiness, we've upgraded the provider CU tracker and introduced a new monthly payment mechanism for more efficient rewards distribution. 
  • Provider Consistency: Providers can now operate seamlessly with nodes behind a load balancer while maintaining consistency for users. This ensures that consumers receive the most accurate and up-to-date responses. QosSync Defaults and Events Improvements: We've adjusted the QoS sync default score to 1 (from 0) and added detailed debug flags for better tracking and analysis. 
  • Increased Timeout on Retries: Based on valuable feedback, we've increased timeouts to enable queries to retry with a larger timeout if they fail. This enhancement improves the chances of success, especially for heavier queries. 
  • Additional Verifications on Ethereum: To enhance Ethereum support, we've added verifications to ensure that nodes support crucial APIs like eth_createAccessList and eth_getCode. 
  • Expanded APIs on Axelar: Our commitment to broadening support continues with the addition of several new APIs on Axelar. Providers can enable this support by following the details provided here
  • Evmos Archive Spec: For those running Evmos archive nodes, a new spec has been introduced to ensure seamless support. Providers are urged to incorporate this spec accordingly. 
  • Updated Filecoin Spec: The Filecoin spec has undergone updates to improve functionality. Providers are encouraged to enable support by following the details provided here 
  • Bug Fixes and General Improvements: This release includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements:
    • Addressed session out-of-sync issues.
    • Implemented logging improvements for better traceability.
    • Many more

Few things to be emphasized:

  • The spec changes will take effect only after a separate spec proposal that will follow (not part of the upgrade itself).
  • The provider verifications will take effect only after restart to the provider.
  • The CU tracking changes meaningfully the way that providers see their rewards. They will not see it linearly anymore based on the CUs served but only at the end of each subscription plan (usually 1 month).

We appreciate your continued support and feedback (feedback board as we strive to improve the functionality and reliability of our services.

    Release Notes - v0.26.1 (November 1, 2023) 🚀

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    • on 01-11-2023


    Minimum Required lavap v0.25.2

    Attention Providers: Please verify that your nodes are up-to-date with the chain data!

    Lava improved the sensitivity of QoS sync (how fresh is the data). Therefore, providers that were providing bad service (very old data) and continued to provide service in Lava, might get jailed after this upgrade, since this bad behavior will be better detected now.

    New Features:

    • EVMOS Provider Verification: ⁠💫┃evmos Evmos providers that meet specific requirements can only start serving relays. The verification process includes checks for Chain ID, default pruning, transaction indexing, and protocol version compatibility.
    • Starknet Provider Verification: Starknet providers must now undergo verification to ensure they support the "pending" configuration. This verification aims to maintain compatibility with Starknet. The starknet_getBlockWithTxs function now supports the "pending" parameter, which can be used for pending data. If this feature is not supported, it will return the message "Pending data not supported in this configuration."
    • Lava Protocol Consistency Improvement: The Lava protocol has been enhanced to ensure that providers selected by the Lava protocol (both RPC consumers and SDK) remain in sync with the latest block data.
    • Error Log Reduction on Providers: We have worked on reducing error logs on providers to enhance the overall user experience and streamline troubleshooting.
    • SDK Meta Data Timeout: A timeout feature has been added to the SDK meta data, which will improve reliability and error handling in the software development kit.
    • Several bug fixes and other improvements

    We appreciate your continued support and feedback as we strive to improve the functionality and reliability of our services.